End of Year Letter from our Creative Director

Dear supporter of Stephen F,

First of all, happy holidays!

As the creative director of Stephen F, I’ve taken the liberty to write a couple of sentences about this past year.
Normally, we send out a newsletter with great pictures and text that summarizes the year.

During the past 5 years, our newsletters and instagram-account has highlighted our collaborations with amazing companies and organizations, Hollywood-actors and actresses, Broadway stars, amazing models, top athletes, Grammy award winners both singers, DJ’s and producers.

These people have been a huge satisfaction for me being the creative director of our brand to pushing it forward and designing beautiful clothing.
The meetings with this people among the meetings with my very own Stephen F team , from the people that works in our store, stylists , photographers, back office-people, our social- media and the producers of our clothing gives me not only satisfaction but also HUGE inspiration!
Do not forget our wonderful clients new and the old who support us year after year.

As you all understand, because of these very unique circumstances I don’t have that much of a newsletter to send out this year showing beautiful and inspirational pictures. 

I just want to leave 2020 behind and look into the future with positive thoughts and a great potion of energy and excitement.
I can ,like everyone else finally see the light at the tunnel and I wish and hope that we all will take our responsibility to protect those closest but also the people we don’t know because we are all in this TOGETHER!

So please take your responsibility as an individual.
As I said , we can finally see the light at the tunnel BUT must all understand that this is DEFINITELY not over!

See you soon and hopefully in exactly one year from now I’ll send out an inspirational and interesting newsletter summarizing an amazing and healthy 2021 including amazing collaborations and beautiful people in beautiful clothing.

Stay safe and take care of Yourself. 

Stephen Ferber
Creative Director * Stephen F 

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Christian Strong

3 years ago

Nice year end letter and looking forward to seeing you in 2021. Love your style and fashion.

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