Beautiful Darkness Collection

The collection is inspired by our creative directors grandma, Ms Lili Jodelshon and her personal letter written in Stockholm on May 4-1999 describing her time in Auschwitz and Ravensbruck during the Holocaust.


Beautiful Darkness – An episode from real life

Early morning in Ravensbruck (German concentration camp) during World War II.

An SS officer marches at four or five o’clock in the morning in to one of the sleeping barracks and grabs the one inches short hair of a young woman and pulls her down from the highest breech that is ten feet high. The officer begins to beat her so brutally that she almost passes out from the blows.

That day the young woman could not eat despite hunger and fatigue,
living in the camp for months. The humiliation she felt was even greater.

The young women prayed to god that the officer would be punished for his behavior. Later in the afternoon when the officer returned to camp he was limping badly. The SS officer had an accident with his motorcycle.

The young woman was telling herself,
– “God heard my prayer.

That young woman turns 100 later of this year.

Thank you Grandma!
Creative Director, Stephen Ferber

From the story behind this collection named Beautiful Darkness.

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