“Interview with the designer” in Plaza Magazine

Stephen Ferber, founder and designer of Stephen F, was recently interviewed by Swedish lifestyle magazine Plaza about having his designs featured in the new Hollywood movie John Wick, featuring Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe och Michael Nyquist.

Ferber refers to the brand as ”Sweden’s only high end-brand for men’s ready to wear”.

– Stephen F is designed for the confident man, that likes unique design, quality and wearing garments that are made in limited edition and not seen worn by everyone else. We don’t have any direct competition, while at the same time, everyone is a competitors, says Stephen Ferber with both confidence and reflection in his voice.

How does it feel to see Stephen F designs in a Hollywood movie?

– All aspects of Stephen F are exciting, especially now when we’ve moved almost all of our operations from Stockholm to New York. There’s a lot going on, but it’s always fun to go to work. We work with a lot of athletes, actors and musicians. It’s fun, interesting and challenging at the same time.

To read the full interview (in Swedish), visit: Designern om att komma med i Hollywoodfilmen

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