Our Creative Directer interviewed by Plaza Uomo about shorts

Our Creative Director was recently interviewed by Swedish lifestyle magazine Plaza Uomo about men’s fashion shorts.

What should you think about when buying shorts?
-The shorts shouldn’t be too long nor to short, not too wide nor too tight. Shorts don’t fit everyone, no matter how hot it is outside. We all look different, which means some look better than others wearing shorts. The most important thing is to chose a model and style that fits you, and not just buy whatever is the trend of the season.

What do you believe will be big trends in shorts for this spring and summer season?
-The city shorts. Stephen F started making this model already in our first summer collection four years back, and it’s a style that many of the big fashion houses use today. Personally, I can’t remember ever wearing any other kind of shorts. The city shorts are a little shorter than the classic bermuda shorts, at the same time, they are not as short as the classic tennis shorts.

Check out this season’s shorts from Stephen F here: https://stephenf.wpengine.com/2014-1/SHORTS.html

Press picture below to see enlarged interview [in Swedish]:
Plaza front 2014Interview with Stephen F in Plaza about shorts

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