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Every Stephen F collection tells a story.

Throughout the years we named our collections based on emotions, experiences, and important subjects. To mention a few, The Thank You NYC CollectionThe Dream CollectionThe Next Room CollectionSoccer Collection,  a Game Of Love and many more.
The 2015/16 Autumn/Winter collection was named The Lili Truth Collection and was based on all three above subjects and is and will always be the most unique and special collection we ever going to make. For us, it’s about responsibility, education, ethics and love.

The inspiration is the grandmother of our Creative Director, who survived the concentration camp – better known as the death camp, Auschwitz. The inspiration of the collection tells a story about how a human being can turn the darkest of dark: losing a mother, father, brother, and two sisters – and still find strength to keep moving forward and turn this into something positive and beautiful. It’s about the will to keep going when all is lost. It’s about love and never giving up!
We’d like to remind you of the importance of never forgetting.

Our Creative Director was recently in Stockholm at the exhibition named “Witnesses,” a beautiful exhibition that tells one of the most horrifying stories of man kind, if not the most terrifying one. Told by Holocaust survivors, people who are still alive almost 75 years after the end of the WWII, including Grandma Lili.

It’s not our purpose figure out why anti-semitism still exists, nor why it’s grows and are stronger now than ever before but with this newsletter we would like to take the opportunity to say, “Remind and Never Forget.”

Below are some photos from the exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm/Sweden and the inspiration text and photos from the 2015 collection named after Stephen’s grandmother, Lili.

“Witnesses” is open until Dec 15th, 2018. We strongly recommend you to see it, if you are in or around Stockholm.

“I almost lost my entire family. Those we lost could never tell the story. I survived and it’s been my mission to share.” -Grandma Lili
Contrast tells the story.

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