La Martina and Stephen Ferber at EXPO and Milan Fashion Week

117 LA MARTINA“The warm and comfortable atmosphere that reigned last night in Via Verri 4, in the heart of the Quadrilateral, evoked the style of the club house, thus becoming a special meeting place between representatives from the world of culture, sport, finance and the company with the Consuls, Commissioners and Delegates of the participating countries at EXPO, over to the authorities of the City of Milan, the Lombardy Region, the Chamber of Commerce and the representatives of EXPO and EXPO in city ‘.
Enrico Roselli, CEO LM Europe has clear ideas and explained that as the Polo is the perfect opportunity to meet to create alliances and generate new ideas, La Martina, which is universally recognized as a spokesman for the values of the sport, took EXPO for the opportunity to create an informal interchange.”

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